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Generally, we attempt to restore  a radio with the fewest parts replacements as possible to guarantee that the radio will perform pretty close to original specification. This entails a necessary trade-off between the restore and the costs associated with it. (see our page on RESTORATION)

The normal restoration comes with a 6 month warranty on all parts and labor.

Lately there has been increasing interest in the "Ultimate" restoration. This is a restoration where no reasonable expense is spared in the sense that the Radio is restored using tight tolerance components and/or very high MTBF components.

For example, all resistors used are special order metal film resistors with a + 1% tolerance. Further, many additional modifications are made to the radio to ensure a very long trouble free life.

Here is what will be done and utilized in a "super" Restoration:

1. All tubes will check "excellent" on two tube testers.
2.All Resistors will be metal film (1% tolerance) and higher than specified wattage. (All resistors replaced)
3.Capacitors utilized will be the highest quality available with voltage ratings higher than specified. (All capacitors replaced)
4.Current in-rush limiter or fuse installed where possible.
5. Line "fail safe" capacitors installed to diminish line interference.
6. Known high failure rate Rectifiers replaced with look-a-like solid state replacements.
7. All wire segments replaced where necessary.
8. All chassis rubber grommets replaced where applicable.
9. Variable air capacitor, dipped in solvent and cleaned, and then lubricated OR power air cleaned - lubricated.
10. Dial lettering or "background" replaced where reproduction is available.
11. All knobs and push buttons replaced with NOS or reproduction parts where available.
12. Unit converted from electromagnetic speaker field to comparable Permanent magnet speaker (If original speaker was damaged in any way).
13. Inboard IF transformer mica caps - brought out board (if so equipped).
13. Radio tested and aligned to peak sensitivity.
14. All other modifications (model specific) that can be reasonably undertaken to increase reliability and allow us to stand behind our warranty.
15. Warranted for 3 years from date of restoration.




These types of photos must be taken and sent to us - before we will take on a Radio for "Super" Restoration.


I HAVE A RADIO - WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET IT REPAIRED? (Just sends us an email with the radio you have, what you want done, and we respond with how to get it repaired)


We need to examine generous photos of your radio before we will undertake a Super Restoration. The photos illustrated here are the types required so we can see if the radio qualifies for this restoration. So email us the photos of your radio (inquiry@radiorepairguy.com) and we will respond and let you know if your radio qualifies for this enhanced restoration.  Usually we will follow up requesting that close up photos be made of certain areas. (A considerable number do not qualify - for reasons of current condition, irreplaceable model unique parts damage, etc.)


We will send you an invoice for $500.00 payable via PayPal. This is a deposit towards all the work to be done. Once we have received the radio and restored it enough to test its viability, we will send you a final detailed estimate for a completed restoration. At this point you may elect to go forward (in which case we invoice for 75% of the estimated work -less the $500.00 already tendered), OR, if you elect not to proceed, we will refund $250.00 less estimated return shipping. When considering the costs involved with this process consider-

1. Time to restore may extend over several months because of the necessity of ordering high tolerance parts unique to your radio.

2. Read our history with shipping in general and shipping services in particular.

3. Though we provided a detailed estimate, the final cost can vary + 12%.


Any questions about this "enhanced" restoration process as it pertains to your radio, please direct to - inquiry@radiorepairguy.com .

This enhanced restoration process allows us to specifically do those things that we normally would not be able to do, under constraints imposed by owners of the radio. Many times we send radios back to owners (because of their cost concerns) with known elements that can pose problems in the near future. We really do not like to do that. Of course, for certain basic level of repair we will not release a radio regardless of the cost constraints if we think it is subject to very early failure. This enhanced restoration allows us to do those "sometimes" labor intensive things that really insure a perfect radio for our customers.

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