Owner: Donald Trump

Radio: Zenith MH

Date:  6/19/08



Credit                                                  ****                                       

Test Tubes                                          ****

80 Tube                                               ****

47 Tube                                               ****

Replace Power Transformer               ****

Replace line cord                                ****

Install line voltage drop PWR             ****

Remove electrolytics                          **** 

Replace (2) electrolytics                    ****

Order Schematic                                 ****

Replace 7 capacitors                          ****

10 inch PM Speaker                           ****

Install Audio Transformer                 ****

Mount audio transformer                    ****

Power choke Replacement                 ****

Install Speaker Terminals                  ****

Restring Dial Cord                               ****


Return Shipping/Packing                    ****


TOTAL                                                  $$$$





Radio was a disaster. Replaced Power Transformer. Converted Radio to use new Permanent Magnet Speaker (Sony) including installation of new audio transformer. Tubes tested. Replaced 2 tubes. All tubes now test good or better. Replaced electrolytics. Replaced all capacitors. Installed line voltage drop power resistor to make radio run cooler. Replaced line cord. Installed quick disconnect speaker terminals. Treated all controls with DEOXIT. Reception, Clarity and Volume excellent with simple 4 foot antenna. Radio warranted for one year.







Shipping a radio may cause failures unrelated to our repair. We make every attempt to pack the radios such that there is a minimal chance that shock and vibration will harm the radio. In addition, radios that have been serviced by us have new Electrolytics, which re-invigorate the power supply of the radio. This may cause, after a period of time, other component failures  [specifically capacitors] that were not replaced by us or replacement was not requested by the owner. All radios that are more than 45 years old are subject to component failure at any time, though those components may check out “ok” under test. That is why we normally recommend that all paper capacitors be replaced in these radios. If, in an attempt to reduce cost, we are instructed to not replace these components, then there is some risk that the radio will fail after a short period. Tubes, which we test and check, generally will not fail if they test “good” or better on our tube testers. Tubes are also not prone to failure from normal shipping shocks and vibrations.




All work performed on this radio is warranted for a period of 90 days from date of receipt of the radio.  To claim warranty repairs, email with a description of the problem and a copy of the final bill. We will send you a return authorization. Upon receipt of the radio, we will remedy any defective repairs resulting from our previous work on the radio. If the necessary repairs are deemed required as result of our previous work, we will ship the unit (repaired) back to you – shipping paid. If the work required on the radio is unrelated to our previous work, we will, with your approval, fix the radio and return it to you, once we are in receipt of repair charges and return shipping.


The “Statement on Final Condition” found in the Final Bill Summary, would be the benchmark against which this warranty is applied.




All tube radios of any manufacturer or model represent some degree of shock and fire hazard. We do not modify these radios, in the course of repair or restore, in any way that would alter their original design shock hazard or fire hazard. If requested we will install a line fuse on the radio to help mitigate those hazards. Radio Repair Guy assumes no responsibility for collateral damages arising from normal or improper usage of a Radio that we have repaired/restored.


This invoice will be sent to the email address of record provided to us by the owner and an invoice will be issued from Paypal. Payment may be made with any credit card on Paypal. Payment may also be made with money order or check mailed to:


John Obrien

Web Services Global LLC
Bethesda, MD


If payment has not been received within 30 days of presenting an invoice for a radio repair or restoration, Web Services Global will undertake to sell the aforementioned radio for the best possible price. This amount will be applied to the outstanding invoice – the remainder (if any) will be subsequently billed to the owner.



Radio Repair Guy operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Web Services Global LLC.