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General all-in-one supplies for antique radios (tubes; capacitors and other passive components; new and vintage controls; schematics; knobs, dial scales, and other reproduction parts; etc.):

Antique Electronic Supply (http://www.tubesandmore.com)
Radio Daze (http://www.radiodaze.com)
Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts (http://www.oldradioparts.net)
Bob's Antique Radios and Electronics (http://www.radioantiques.com)
Merry Tunes Antique Radios and Parts (http://www.antiqueradiosandparts.com)
Bill Turner - Dialcover.com (http://www.dialcover.com)


Nostalgia Air (http://www.nostalgiaair.org)
Radiomuseum (http://www.radiomuseum.org)
Dave's Homemade Radios - Beitman schematics (http://makearadio.com/beitmans/index.php)
Sams Technical Publishing (https://www.samswebsite.com)
Dave and Babylyn Cantelon - Just Radios (http://www.justradios.com)
Tubes_Tubes_Tubes (http://tubes_tubes_tubes.tripod.com/tubestubestubes)
John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (http://www.vintage-electronics.com)
West Florida Components (http://www.westfloridacomponents.com/Schematics.html)
Old Radio Schematics (http://olditemsale.com/index.html)
Steve Johnson - The Schematic Man (http://www.theschematicman.com) and Antique Radio Schematics (http://www.antiqueradioschematics.org)
Everything Radio (http://www.everythingradio.com)
Chuck Schwark - The Philco Repair Bench (http://www.philcorepairbench.com)


AM Forever (http://www.amforever.com)
BAMA (http://bama.edebris.com/manuals)
W7FG Vintage Manuals (http://www.vintagemanuals.com)
Manual Man (http://www.manualman.com)

New and new old stock (NOS) passive components (capacitors, resistors, wire, controls, lamps, diodes, transformers, coils, etc.):

Dave and Babylyn Cantelon - Just Radios (http://www.justradios.com)
David Kulka - Studio Electronics (http://www.studioelectronics.biz)
WJOE Radio (http://www.wjoe.com)
Jim Cross - Vacuum Tubes, Inc. (http://www.vacuumtubesinc.com)
ESRC1 Vacuum Tubes (http://www.esrcvacuumtubes.com)
Surplus Sales of Nebraska (http://www.surplussales.com)
Parts Express (http://www.parts-express.com)
Leeds Radio (http://leedsradio.com)
Fair Radio (http://www.fairradio.com)
Sal Brisindi - Sal's Capacitor Corner (http://www.tuberadios.com/capacitors)
Hayseed Hamfest Co. - (http://www.hayseedhamfest.com)

Tubes and Ballast Tubes:

Jim Cross - Vacuum Tubes, Inc. (http://www.vacuumtubesinc.com)
Tube Depot (http://www.tubedepot.com)
Bob Dobush - Find-a-Tube (http://www.findatube.com)
Tubes_Tubes_Tubes (http://tubes_tubes_tubes.tripod.com/tubestubestubes)
Radio Electric Supply (http://vacuumtubes.net)
John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (http://www.vintage-electronics.com)
Surplus Sales of Nebraska (http://www.surplussales.com)
Leeds Radio (http://leedsradio.com)
World Tube Company (http://www.worldtubecompany.com)
VacuumTubes.biz (http://www.vacuumtubes.biz)
Tube Center (http://www.thetubecenter.com); same business as ESRC1 (http://www.esrcvacuumtubes.com) and ABC (http://www.abcvacuumtubes.com)
National Capital Radio and Television Museum - tube sales (http://radiohistory.org/?page_id=59)
Fair Radio (http://www.fairradio.com)
Gene Kidd (http://www.genekidd.com)

Light bulbs:

Bulb Town (http://www.bulbtown.com)
1000 Bulbs (http://www.1000bulbs.com)
Dave Wojo - DGWOJO.COM (http://www.dgwojo.com)

Cloth-covered wire:

Sundial Wire (http://www.sundialwire.com)
Grand Brass (http://www.grandbrass.com)

General vintage parts (speakers, controls, knobs, transformers, cabinet parts, etc.):

Play Things of the Past (http://www.oldradioparts.com)
Radiola Guy (http://www.radiolaguy.com)
Dave & JoAnn Frush (email: parts2many at aol dot com) 
Tubes_Tubes_Tubes (http://tubes_tubes_tubes.tripod.com)
John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (http://www.vintage-electronics.com)

Vintage knobs:

Julie McCall (email: radiopup at bell south dot net)
Mike Koste - Gobs of Knobs (email: gokmike at gmail dot com)
Barry McDaniel (email: decoradioman at sbcglobal dot net)
Ruthann Mertl (email: ruthannie at mchsi dot com)
Jim Sargeant (email: bsargent at swbell dot net)

Reproduction parts (knobs, pushbuttons, escutcheons, belts, grommets, shock mounts, clips, wooden cabinet parts, etc.):

Edward Schutz - Renovated Radios (http://renovatedradios.com/parts.html)
Alan Jesperson - Great Northern Antique Radios (http://www.alanjesperson.com)
Adams Manufacturing Co. (http://www.adamsradio.com)
Richmond Designs Inc. (http://www.richmonddesignsinc.com)
Larry Bordonaro - Old Time Replications (http://www.antiqueradioknobs.com)
Antique Radios, Inc. (http://www.arbeiii.com)
Hayseed Hamfest Co. - (http://www.hayseedhamfest.com)

Grill Cloth: 

Antique Radio Grill Cloth Headquarters (http://www.grillecloth.com)
Speaker Fabric Supply (http://www.etsy.com/shop/SpeakerFabricSupply)
Bret's Old Radios (http://www.ebay.com/sch/brets-old-radios/m.html)
Richmond Designs Inc. (http://www.richmonddesignsinc.com)

Plastic dial covers:

Mark Palmquist - Retro Radio Repair (http://jmpalm.home.mindspring.com)
West Tech Services (http://www.west-techservices.com/dial.htm)

Convex glass dial covers:

Norkro (http://www.norkro.com/store/index.php?m ... ex&cPath=5)

Dial scales:

Jim Peire - Screen-Tec (email: jpscreentec at aol dot com)
Radiola Guy (http://www.radiolaguy.com)

Custom decals:

Solidesign (http://www.solidesign.bizland.com/decals.html)

Speaker reconing and driver repair:

Ken Gooding - The Repair Shop - tel. (208) 731-0426 (or PM "Ken G" on this forum)
Northwest Speakers and Equipment (http://www.northwest-speakers.com)
The Speaker Doctor (http://www.speakerdoctor.com)
Circuit Shop (http://www.circuitshop.com)
Buford Chidester (email: speakerpeople at comcast dot net)
West Tech Services (http://www.west-techservices.com/p10.htm)
Speaker Shop (http://thespeakershop.com/speakerrepair.html)
John's Vintage Radio (http://www.johnsvintageradio.com)
Freeman-Tuell (http://freemantuell.com)
Around the Sound - tel. (206) 782-7975

Transformers, chokes, coils, and rewinding services:

Tubes_Tubes_Tubes (http://members.tripod.com/tubes_tubes_t ... ingservice)
EDCOR Electronics Corp. (http://www.edcorusa.com)
Dennis "Doc" Hoyer (email: autran at aol dot com)
Heyboer Transformers (http://heyboertransformers.com)
STF Electronics (http://www.stf-electronics.com/Page0002.Html)
Antique Radios, Inc. (http://www.arbeiii.com)

Phonograph and tape deck parts (idler and pinch roller rebuilding, belts, cartridges/needles, cartridge rebuilding, etc.):

Gary Stork - VM Audio Enthusiasts (http://www.thevoiceofmusic.com)
West Tech Services (http://www.west-techservices.com)
Ed Crockett - Vintage Electronics (http://www.vintagelectronics.com)
Terry Witt - Terry's Rubber Rollers and Wheels (http://www.terrysrubberrollers.com)
WJOE Radio (http://www.wjoe.com)
South Street Service, Inc. (http://www.turntableexperts.com)
Turntable Needles.com (http://www.turntableneedles.com)
Needle Finder (http://www.needlefinder.net)
Needle Doctor (http://www.needledoctor.com)
Garage 'a Records (http://www.garage-a-records.com)
Everything Radio (http://www.everythingradio.com)
LP Gear (http://www.lpgear.com)

Vintage TV parts (flyback transformers, yokes, focus coils, vertical output transformers, power transformers, etc.):

Moyer Electronics (http://www.moyerelectronics.com)
Bob Dobush - Find-a-Tube (http://www.findatube.com)
Talon Electronics (http://www.talonix.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=75)







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